Company registration in Brazil

Company registration in Brazil

Large consumer market.
International trade access to the rest of the Americas. Desirable geographic conditions.
Openness to foreign investment.
Great infrastructure for doing business. Special requirement: company needs a Brazilian or non-Brazilian with permanent visa to be
legal representative of the company until you have permanent visa to control company and
replace legal representative.

Price: 3400 Euro + 100 Euro for sending documents.

Details for Company registration in Brazil

  • Annual renewal of the company - 2300€
  • Notarization of Power of Attorney for registering a company remotely - yes
  • Termination – approximately 3 weeks after receiving all documents

Required documents for Company registration in Brazil

Required documents:

  • Power of attorney – appostilled
  • Copy of the passport – appostilled
  • Address proof
  • Names for the company partners and legal representative’s qualification as Full
    name, Nationality, Father’s and mother’s full name, Passport number, Profession,
  • Marital status, Address, CPF If have.
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*not included documents delivery

About offer

Included in the price:

Price including state
fees, provision of legal address, translation of corporate documents on English and apostille. Annual accounting (depending on size of a company and number of employees): 1950 Euro to
2450 Euro per year. Legal address: 700 Euro per year.

Taxation will be as follows:



depending on the turnover

Price (not included documents delivery)

From 3,400€

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