Company registration in Lithuania

Company registration in Lithuania

*not included documents delivery

Short Brief

Lithuania is the biggest of the Baltic states and regards itself as the region’s economic powerhouse. Certainly it has succeeded in attracting significant inflows of foreign direct investment, with investors encouraged by a combination of a stable economy, low inflation, low labour costs and a liberal business environment. Corporation tax is 15%, one of the lowest rates in the EU.

Price: 2300 Euro + 100 Euro delivery fee

Company registration in Lithuania service included in the price:

  • Constituent documents package in electronic format;
  • Preparation of documents for incorporation or purchase of a legal entity
  • Formation of share capital in the amount of 2500 EUR (for ready-made companies);
  • Registration of the legal entity/change in the register of legal entities;
  • Notary fees;
  • Registration fees;
  • KYC & AML verification of members;

Taxation will be as follows:



depending on the turnover

Details for Company registration in Lithuania

  • Annual renewal of the company - 1950€
  • Notarization of Power of Attorney for registering a company remotely - yes
  • Termination – 1,5 weeks

Required documents for Company registration in Lithuania

  1. High quality copy of passport (in case of remote registration/purchase – notarised);
  2. Confirmation of residence address (bank statement/utility bill/passport page with residence registration/rental agreement, etc.);

Notarial consent from the director for the position held (if the director and the shareholder are different persons and the director does not come to a notary in Lithuania). When registering a company for a customer, the minimum share capital (2,500 euros) must be paid in own funds into the savings account of the legal entity being registered.

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