This Refund & Withdrawal Policy has been developed to reduce financial and legal risks of EL INTERNATIONAL LLC, observe principles of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing policy. 

Payments for EL INTERNATIONAL LLC Services are non-refundable. Prior to make a transaction, you confirm that you are acquainted with and accept our Terms of Service, fully understand the Service you are ordering, and consulted with EL INTERNATIONAL LLC specialist if needed. When transferring funds to EL INTERNATIONAL LLC, you agree not to lodge a request to the bank to charge the card payment back, which has already been received to the EL INTERNATIONAL LLC’s account, both during and after the use of the EL INTERNATIONAL LLC Services. Any such attempt will be treated by the EL INTERNATIONAL LLC as a breach of the Terms and Conditions, for which you may be subjected to responsibility in accordance with Georgian legislation. 

If the User Account has been suspended due to the violation of the Terms of Service or due to any other abuse detected by you, the refund is not provided under any circumstances.

If EL INTERNATIONAL LLC classifies your activities as inappropriate or contradicting the usual purpose of the EL INTERNATIONAL LLC Services usage, where there is a direct, or indirect, illegal or dishonest intent, the EL INTERNATIONAL LLC has the right to act within the framework of this document and applicable laws, without informing you in advance.

EL INTERNATIONAL LLC has the right to unilaterally block the access to your User Account and suspend provision of Services if the source of funds or your activities contradict the anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing policy. We can also freeze your funds at the time of the internal investigation and additional data request.

In certain exceptional circumstances EL INTERNATIONAL LLC may refund payments made by credit card, as prescribed below:

  1. EL INTERNATIONAL LLC reserves a right to consider a possibility of execution of a refund in individual cases at its own discretion only if the User has requested a refund and EL INTERNATIONAL LLC has not yet started the provision of Services.
  2. EL INTERNATIONAL LLC works with payment processors who take sufficient credit card fraud security measures and has a lot on installments to avoid accidental charges from Users. EL INTERNATIONAL LLC will only compensate/refund funds within the paid sum and once the issue is operatively reported that some credit is lost due to dysfunction of payment processors. 
  3. The funds will be refunded to the card that was used for the deposit.

When you register on our website and accept our Terms of Service, you hereby express your consent for supplying our Services during the withdrawal period and express your consent that you are losing your right to request withdrawing funds/cancel the transaction as regards the supplying of abovementioned services. The Directive on Consumer Rights (2011/83/EC) regulates the receiving such an agreement.

According to your express rejection of your withdrawal/cancellation rights, EL INTERNATIONAL LLC shall not accept any refund or cancellation claim if you obtained our Services. 

Refund procedure

We expect our Users to resolve refund issues first by contacting us before contacting banks or financial institutions with a chargeback request. The procedure shall be the follows:

  1. You need to write to our support email a motivated request for a refund marking in the subject line “Refund” and the User Account holder name. The User will be given to fill out our refund form. 
  2. When filled by the User refund form is received by us, we will respond to the User within 15 business days and may request additional documentation, if necessary, to verify and process the refund. 
  3. The User is obliged to respond no later than 14 calendar days to a letter from us from the moment of its receipt. 
  4. Refunds, subject to our approval, will be processed within 14 business days from the date the User was notified of our positive decision to refund. 

In the event that the User initiated a payment return (chargeback) procedure at his bank or financial institution, we will consider such a chargeback request and inform the bank or the User’s financial institution whether such a transaction was canceled.

We can block the User’s account for the period of consideration of the chargeback. 

If we still withdraw the payment back, we reserve the right to block the access to the User’s user account and freeze the User’s current balance and send the funds back to the bank account of the User, after payment of all services and fees is charged from the claimed amount. 

EL INTERNATIONAL LLC has the right, under certain objective reasons and, if it is necessary on its discretion, to make a refund of funds via bank transfer. Furthermore, the refund will be made to the bank details, which have been used by you when paying us the funds for our Services. 

If the EL INTERNATIONAL LLC still withdraws the payment back, we reserve the right to block the access to your User Account and freeze you’s current balance and send the funds back to you, after payment of all Services and fees, which will be charged from the claimed amount. 

All direct or indirect losses, expenses connected with transfer of funds are reimbursed to the EL INTERNATIONAL LLC from your funds and may be affected by the applicable currency price volatility.