Company registration in Turkey

Company registration in Turkey

At the moment in Turkey there is a requirement that the director has to be a citizen of Turkey. Economy. Turkey is considered as a rapid developing economy that accepts innovations across the world.
Turkish Free Trade Zone.
Customs Union.
Foreign Direct Investment.
Ease of Doing Business.

Price: 2200 euro (+100 Euro delivery fee)

Details for Company registration in Turkey

  • Annual renewal of the company - 1900€
  • Notarization of Power of Attorney for registering a company remotely - yes
  • Termination – 1,5 weeks

Required documents for Company registration in Turkey

  1. a notarized international passport (with a translation of the notary’s certification into English)
  2. confirmation of the address of residence
  • or an internal passport with a residence permit (fully translated into English and certified)
  • or a bank statement indicating residence (translation into English and notarized)
  • or a utility bill indicating residence (with translation and certified)
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*not included documents delivery

About offer

Included in the price:

The cost of the services of a local director is 400 euro / month.

That is, in this structure you will be a shareholder and beneficiary, and a local person will take the position of the second director.

In addition, if in the future you want to open a bank account in Turkey, we can also help with this.

Taxation will be as follows:



depending on the turnover

Price (not included documents delivery)

From 2,200€

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