Company registration in Andorra

Company registration in Andorra

*not included documents delivery

Short Brief

Andorra’s taxation is undoubtedly very attractive. For many investors and entrepreneurs it is the main reason for considering the formation of a company in Andorra. However, Andorra has other important advantages for companies and people who operate and live in the Principality, such as its digital infrastructure, its strategic location and, above all, its quality of life.

Price: 6500 Euro + extra of 2,800€ for external costs +100 Euro for sending documents

Company registration in Andorra service included in the price:

Full proccess of registartion. External costs includes: notary, administrative fees, etc

Taxation will be as follows:



depending on the turnover

Details for Company registration in Andorra

  • Annual renewal of the company - 3500€
  • Notarization of Power of Attorney for registering a company remotely - yes
  • Termination – up to 2 months

Required documents for Company registration in Andorra

  1. owning at least 20% of the shares of an Andorran company (through the incorporation of the abovementioned NewCo)
  2. be the administrator of the company
  3. be registered in the social security of Andorra (460 €/months)
  4. make an unpaid deposit of 15.000 € before the AFA (Andorran financial authority) and staying in Andorra for more than 183 days a year. Other requirements would have to be met depending on the type of activity.

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