Company registration in Moldova

Company registration in Moldova

*not included documents delivery

Short Brief

Companies will find a number of advantages when they decide to open a company in Moldova, starting with a low corporate income tax rate, a good double tax treaty network as well as low company set up and employment costs. Foreign and local investors can incorporate several forms of business in Moldova.

Price: 1450 Euro +100 euro for documents delivery

Company registration in Moldova service included in the price:

These services include storing official correspondence sent to the company, scanning it and sending it by e-mail.
Please note that the cost does NOT include opening a bank account. In recent years banks refuse to open bank accounts for non-residents through representatives, so a personal visit to Moldova will be required to open an account.
This cost also does NOT include translation and notarisation costs (if required).

Taxation will be as follows:



depending on the turnover

Details for Company registration in Moldova

  • Annual renewal of the company - 1250€
  • Notarization of Power of Attorney for registering a company remotely - yes
  • Termination – 1-2 weeks

Required documents for Company registration in Moldova

  • Scanned copy of the founder’s and administrator’s passports (by e-mail)
  • Power of attorney to represent interests in the RM for the opening of a LLC from the founder and administrator (if different persons), plus one notarised copy.
  • Declaration (specimen signature) of the future LLC administrator.

If necessary, we can provide samples of all the above documents.
These documents (except for a copy of the passport) must be notarised with (or without) an apostille (depending on the country of origin).

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