Company registration in Austria

Company registration in Austria

*not included documents delivery

Short Brief

Apart from being one of the richest jurisdictions inside the EU and a perfect East-West business hub, Austria provides you with benefit of no wealth or trade tax.
Establishing an LLC (GMBH) in Austria is an ideal way to build a strong business
Share capital 10 000 EUR or 35 000 EUR (at least (50%) has to be paid before registration with commercial courts)

Price: 5950 Euro +100 Euro for sending documents

Company registration in Austria service included in the price:

Included in the price

  • Commercial Court registration
  • notary procedures
  • local office address

Taxation will be as follows:

25 %


depending on the turnover

Details for Company registration in Austria

  • Annual renewal of the company - 2850€
  • Notarization of Power of Attorney for registering a company remotely - yes
  • Termination – 4 weeks

Required documents for Company registration in Austria

  1. a notarized international passport (with a translation of the notary’s certification into English)
  2. confirmation of the address of residence
  • or an internal passport with a residence permit (fully translated into English and certified)
  • or a bank statement indicating residence (translation into English and notarized)
  • or a utility bill indicating residence (with translation and certified)

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